Christ in you, the hope of glory… – Colossians 1:27


Most of the time when we think of healing we think of the remedy of sickness or disease. Looking at it from a Biblical perspective, though, healing is synonymous with salvation. Why? Let’s look at the word disease. “Dis” means without, or tearing from. “Ease” means freedom. Look at what Webster’s lists as the freedoms the word “ease” refers to: freedom from labor, pain or physical annoyance; freedom from concern or anxiety; freedom from difficulty or great effort; freedom from financial need.

When Jesus was kicking off His ministry He said it was about:
• “freedom for captives”
• “good news to the poor”
• “bind up the brokenhearted”
• “release from darkness”
• “comfort for those who mourn”
• “beauty instead of ashes”
• “gladness instead of morning”
• “praise instead of despair”

Jesus wants everyone to know that His ministry is about healing; about God’s response to DIS-ease; About freedom from suffering.


Winston Churchill once said that “Courage is the one virtue which ensures all the others.” And for Church of the Savior, Mission is the one Value that will insure all the others for us.

In its simplest sense Mission is Offering Hope to every single man and woman the hope that there is a real God who loves them and wants to exchange their darkness for His goodness. A God who loves them so much that He’s spent all of humankind’s existence chasing after them, to woo them back to Himself.

It’s the very heartbeat of God towards humankind. Because God is a missionary God. Bishop Godfrey, the bishop of Peru, says that the first words God spoke after the Fall were, “Where are you?” After sin had entered the world through Adam and Eve’s horrible choice the first thing they did was hide from God because of their guilt and shame. And the first words God speaks to them are “Where are you?” Bishop Godfrey says, “ ‘Where are you?’ are words of looking. They could almost be the subtitle of the Bible. God looking for man. And really, the whole of the Bible is about God looking for us. God with a mission. That’s why Jesus came to this world. Because God was looking for us and wants to bring us back and restore us to what He made us to be.”

The last words Jesus spoke before He left the earth, the exclamation point to His ministry, were “Go and make disciples.”